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Make CRM Work for You

Optimizing Businesses with CRM Solutions

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Data Migration


CRM data migration and data management tools to take your business to the next level. 


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We will customize the system according to your requirements, business processes, wishes and specific tasks.

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Adaptation and training

Our specialists will train your teams to adopt the new system and fully engage with the tools.  Management will learn how to execute automations, reporting and administrative oversight.

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Business Analytics

You will monitor changes in your business indicators in real-time, and make operational decisions based on this information.

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Why do you need Trujay?

  • We can help elevate productivity and increase revenue through the HubSpot solutions program.
  • We have extensive industry experience and are an Elite HubSpot partner.
  • We offer complete HubSpot solutions for businesses, whether you're new to the platform or an existing business looking to streamline operations.
  • Services are tailored to your unique business needs, accounting for factors such as company structure, target audience, and client engagement methods.
  • Our affordable solutions minimize downtime and maximize results.

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How will Trujay make Your CRM work for your business?

  • Understanding your business, teams, data, and channels is crucial for a successful solution.
  • During the discovery phase, Trujay focuses on understanding a business's uniqueness and processes while knowing HubSpot automation and efficiencies.
  • Trujay is experienced in streamlining workflows and increasing productivity through automation.
  • Trujay customizes HubSpot to fit your unique business needs and processes.
  • Trujay's approach is tailored to each unique business, and they offer examples of how they can make HubSpot work for them.

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Why is Trujay the leader?

Unlock your business's potential with HubSpot solution - a strategic move that takes preparation. As a certified Elite HubSpot partner, Trujay's team of specialists delivers strategic and efficient solutions, creating a unified platform for seamless collaboration and optimized task management.

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