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November 2022

How we helped the Motherhood Center of New York launch their 1st campaign with HubSpot 🚀

The Motherhood Center provides supportive services for new and expecting moms, including a range of treatment options for women suffering from postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs.)


HubSpot Admin Program


Marketing Hub Professional

Tools Used 






~56% Increase

in leads

MONY & Trujay (4)



Trujay was introduced to The Motherhood Center of New York (TMCONY) via HubSpot's Professional Services Onboarding (PSO) program.

During the PSO program, we learned that they didn't have anyone internal with the time or expertise to champion HubSpot for their team once the program concluded.

Since they loved working with Zaynab Babacan and needed on-going support to expedite HubSpot's ROI. They decided to subscribe to Trujay's HubSpot Admin Program.

Their immediate need was guidance on how to use HubSpot to deliver a campaign.



Zaynab set a consultation session to learn more about their business and campaign goals.

TMCONY determined the goal of the campaign was to increase the "Providers" contact segment in HubSpot. The more "Providers" they know, the more "Providers" refer patiences to them.

*It's important to note that we DO NOT create content in the HubSpot Admin Program. It is out of the Official Scope of Work offered. This is the responsibility of the client.*

Zaynab advised on the following HubSpot tools to implement into their campaign:

🛠     Creating a form to collect essential data

📤     Building & sending an email

🤔     Simple vs. complex workflows

🎯     Un-enrollment criteria

🌟     List creation

💥     Campaign creation & attribution

Now that TMCONY consulted us, it was time to setup the campaign...

1️⃣     Tasks were submitted as requests via our client portal

2️⃣     Tasks were triaged to confirm requirements

3️⃣     Tasks were worked on

4️⃣     Tasks were delivered for review / approval

5️⃣     Campaign workflow went live

At every step of the way, the client was able to keep track of each task's progress 24/7 via our client portal. Seen below.




The campaign was a success.

We increased "Provider" contact leads in HubSpot by ~56%.

Although... We believe if you look at the bigger picture, the bigger success was the adoption of individual HubSpot tools that collectively worked together to generate a desired business outcome.

Justifying their investment in HubSpot.

The Motherhood Center of New York now has a standardized campaign template they know works, can clone, can adapt and can build upon for future campaigns.

As they've used HubSpot, they've realized that all of these tools are connected to each other in some shape or form. 

It has sparked creative conversations amongst them as to how they could use additional tools to improve the experience! Such as...

🤔     "How could we use HubSpot payments in this next campaign?"

🤔      "Should we purchase Sales Hub?"

The HubSpot Admin Program provides ongoing support and guidance...

...but it also sparks questions that lead to better ways of doing things.

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MONY & Trujay (2)