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Best Practices, Limitations,  Options, and More...

Keap to HubSpot migration

Keap to HubSpot

What are my options for

converting Keap to HubSpot?


Continuous monitoring and revision of customer interaction processes are crucial for customer-oriented companies. This is important firstly to maintain relations with existing customers and secondly, to determine the vectors of the company's development and the development of areas of work with new clients in a changing market.

If you are considering switching from Keap, you may already be familiar with the importance of effective customer interaction processes. Perhaps your current system no longer meets your business's evolving needs, or your employees find it too complex or costly.

While vendors can help with the migration of regular contacts or accounts, the process may not be straightforward. Vendors are typically focused on quick migration and may dedicate less time and resources to ensure a high-quality, cost-effective transition for your company.

Option 1

Migrating myself 

CRM data migration necessitates a high level of technical competence and experience. If your staff lacks the appropriate expertise and abilities, they may be unable to complete the migration properly, potentially leading to errors and data loss.



Option 2

A wizard import tool or
an integration

Several data migration tools are available in the market that offer direct API-to-API migration capabilities from Keap to HubSpot.


Option 3

A custom migration

We consider this to be one of the most convenient methods for migrating to HubSpot. It's not that other options are necessarily incorrect, but this approach takes care of the entire migration process, freeing you up to focus on training and configuring HubSpot.



Option 1: Migrating myself and using the CRM vendor’s import tool

Every company accumulates a vast amount of customer data, contact information, accounts, and other vital business-related data over time. However, migrating this data from Keap CRM to a new solution is a complex and time-consuming process that cannot be accomplished by a company alone. Typically, businesses can only transfer basic data by themselves. We have seen too many instances where customers have attempted to manage the migration using the CRM vendor's "native" tools or tried to do it on their own, resulting in a mess with half of the data imported and the rest left in pieces after three months. Before purchasing a CRM solution, it is crucial to have a plan in place and feel comfortable with a reliable partner or tool to ensure a smooth and successful migration.

Option 2: Migrating with a wizard import tool or an integration tool

There are several data migration tools available in the market that offer direct API-to-API migration functionality. One effective solution is a ready-made software designed specifically for high-quality data transfer between CRM systems. This service can transfer data from Keap CRM to another in just a few hours, without requiring any technical knowledge. The result is a quick and seamless migration of all your data, including products, leads, deals, events, and other important information, to HubSpot.

In our opinion, data migration wizards built solely for migration purposes are the best option as they are simpler and more straightforward. However, it's important to differentiate between different tools on the market. Some require creating custom fields one by one, which can be time-consuming and tedious. On the other hand, more robust tools can create custom fields for you, saving you valuable time.

Trujay offers a data migration wizard app and guided support to ensure a smooth migration process, including mapping, testing, QA, and delta migration. This makes your Keap to HubSpot data migration much easier and stress-free.

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Trujay’s migration app allows you to run as many free random samples as you want. The goal is to keep experimenting with the mapping until the sample data appears exactly as you want it to. Every sample you run will overwrite the previous one, so don't worry about filling up your HubSpot with sample data.

Free Sample Migration Demo Video

Step by Step screens of Trujay’s Self Service Migration Wizard

Option 3: A custom migration

This is the option we consider the right way to migrate to HubSpot. Our clients have all reported positive experiences with the specialized trading CRM system that offers wide functionality, a clear interface, and cool integrations at affordable rates. We have developed mechanisms that make the transition to HubSpot quick, comfortable, and safe. If you encounter any issues, our exceptional technical support team is always available to assist you.

In addition to using a data migration wizard, you can also opt for custom migration with the help of a CRM implementation partner who can integrate it into their onboarding strategy with you. This is the most valuable option, as attempting to adopt HubSpot on your own without optimizing all its features can slow down your investment and time-to-value. If your business ambition is growth, then achieving value quickly with HubSpot is critical, and a partner can help you achieve this.

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Being guided by a project manager or CSM through the entire migration process from Keap to HubSpot allows you to focus on critical areas like cleaning up fields and properties, consolidating pipelines or processes, and automations. As an entrepreneur, you're always seeking the best options, and switching to a new CRM system can be easier than endlessly "finishing" the current one, and putting up with inconvenience and unjustified maintenance costs.



Knowledge Base

What is a Sample Migration?

Sample Migration is a process where we transfer a small part of your records (approximately 10% of all data) to the target CRM platform and estimate the price of a Full Data Migration. You can test our service using the Free Sample Import.

You can change options and rerun the sample migration as many times as you need.

How does Free Sample work?

During the Sample Migration, we take a part of your records and migrate them to your target CRM platform, along with relations between those records. The entire process may take up to 15 minutes; it depends on the specification of your CRMs.

What happens after the Sample Migration is complete?

Once complete, you can review the transferred records in the target platform. Evaluate the results to make sure they work for you.

Can I migrate parent/child relations between companies into HubSpot?

If you want to migrate parent/child relations between companies into HubSpot CRM during data import, Trujay Service Packages offer you to perform a custom migration. Our techs will apply a personal approach and move the required data to the right place in your HubSpot CRM.


What is a Guided Migration?

A guided migration provides you with a Trujay dedicated CSM that will complete all the mappings for you. 

This is an excellent option for people that need an extra layer of support with their migration.


  • Everything in Wizard
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Mapping Verification
  • Quality Assurance
  • 1 - 2 Week Delivery

What is a Record?

A Record is the data item that exists in the CRM's system

  • 1 record = 1 Account/Task/Opportunity/Attachment/Note/Email, etc.
  • 1 record = one entity of CRM data (no matter what type is it).

For example:

Your current CRM possesses:

  • 1 account
  • 2 tasks
  • 3 emails
  • 2 notes.

In summary you have 1 account + 2 tasks + 3 emails + 2 notes = 8 records.

What is a Delta Migration?

A delta migration is the final migration performed during your custom migration process.

It ensures that all the data you have requested to be migrated is transferred and your target CRM is up to date right before the launch. 

How can I find my HubSpot CRM verification code?

If HubSpot doesn't recognize your browser or device, you'll be prompted to confirm your identity with an emailed verification code.


Please, go through the following steps to find out how it works:


1. Open please an anonymous window in your browser (Ctrl + Shift + N for Chrome). Log in to the HubSpot CRM, entering your email address and password. Then click the “Log in” button.


2. After this step, you need to enter your verification code that has been sent to your email to access your HubSpot account.


 So, check out your email inbox, copy the verification code, and paste it in the required field on Wizard.





What are my options?

Data cleansing


You can clean up the data yourself in the Keap portal. This will require some effort and time on your side, however it will have no additional cost.


You can ask the data migration partner to filter the data on the way over. If you have identified bad data and can give the partner bullet points on what data you don’t want to migrate to HubSpot, they can write custom scripts to only migrate what you specify.


You can clean the data post-migration and should be relatively easy with HubSpot’s segmenting tools. Create the filters or custom views and then delete!

What are my options?

Keap to HubSpot: Objects

Keap Objects   HubSpot Objects
Companies Companies
Files  Attachments
Contacts Contacts
Emails Emails
Appointments  Meetings 
Notes Notes
Opportunities Deals
Product Interests  Deal Line Items
Products Products
Tasks  Tasks 
Users Users

Additional objects will need to be investigated for a Custom Migration

Onboarding Icon-1


There are several de-duplication tools on the market to consider and all of them are low costs. Most likely the data migration partner has relationships installed and can get the prices at a discount for you, make sure to ask.

Onboarding Icon-1

Bad or Outdated Contacts

Using a tool like Neverbounce is great to identify which emails are invalid, unverified, or a catch-all email ( or From there you can mark and remove those and these costs are pretty minimal as well.

Group 4150

You have options

To wrap up

In conclusion, the choice of migrating from Keap to HubSpot depends solely on you and your business needs.

As every business is unique, you might have the resources and bandwidth to execute the migration seamlessly, or you might not. We have covered various options in this article, and hopefully, you have enough information to choose a plan and move forward with the CRM vendor of your choice.

If you ever need any assistance with your Keap to HubSpot migration, don't hesitate to contact us for a quick call.

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