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Best Practices, Limitations,  Options, and More...

Copper to Zoho migration

Copper to Zoho migration

What are my options for

converting Copper to Zoho?


Companies that focus on customer satisfaction must always keep an eye on how they interact with their customers and make changes if needed. Why does this matter? For starters, it helps keep current customers happy. And secondly, it helps figure out where the company should head next and how to attract new customers in today's ever-changing market.

So, if you feelin' the title, you probably messin' with Copper and considering swapping it out. Maybe the system you have in place isn't suitable for your new business needs, or your employees are whining that it's too damn complicated or too expensive.

If you're just racking up a few regular contacts or accounts, you may be able to enlist the help of a vendor. But wait, it's not that easy. These vendors want to work fast and don't want to spend a lot of time on your company, plus it might cost you a lot and not even be that good.


Option 1

Migrating myself 

You can totally handle it on your own if you've got just a little bit of info. For the process to produce the desired result, you must have the skills and understanding of data migration.



Option 2

A wizard import tool or
an integration

There are some tech tools available that offer a straight-up way to move data between Copper and Zoho using APIs.


Option 3

A custom migration

We think this is one of the easiest ways to switch over to Zoho. It's not like the other choices are bad, but this one will totally take the load off your shoulders so you can concentrate on training and setting up Zoho.



Option 1: Migrating myself and using the CRM vendor’s import tool

As a business grows, it collects a ton of valuable info about customers, contacts, and accounts. Unfortunately, syncing all this data from Copper CRM is no easy feat - it's a real headache. In fact, some customers who try to do it themselves end up with a total disaster after just a few months. That's why it's so important to have a solid plan or a trusted partner in place before you even consider buying a CRM solution.

Do this only if you have a small amount of information, few fields, and clear objects. Then there is a chance to figure out the process on your own. But we still recommend using the help of professionals.


Option 2: Migrating with a wizard import tool or an integration tool

So, there's a bunch of data shufflin' tools out there that let you move your stuff straight from one system to another through the API. One option that's dope is this off-the-shelf software that makes switching high-level data between CRM systems quick and easy. This tool can move your Copper CRM data to a new system in a few short hours, and you don't even need to be tech-savvy. With this software, you can move your products, leads, deals, events, and other important data over to Zoho without a hitch.

The data migration wizards on the market built just for data migration purposes are what you should consider in our opinion, as they will be simpler and more straightforward.  The main differentiator with these tools you need to look out for, are some will require you to create all the custom fields one by one, which is half the migration and a lot of work/hours.  Others, the tool is robust enough to create the custom fields for your, saving you a tremendous amount of time and a lot more valuable. Make sure to check..

Trujay offers a data migration wizard app as well as guided support to ensure that your mapping, testing, QA, and delta migration go smoothly. It will make your  Copper  to Zoho data migration much easier.

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Trujay's migration app lets you test as many free random samples as you damn well please. The aim is to keep messing around with the mapping until the sample data looks spot-on. Each test you try will replace the one before it, so don't stress about clogging up your Zoho with trial data.

Free Sample Migration Demo Video

Step by Step screens of Trujay’s Self Service Migration Wizard

Option 3: A custom migration

This is the way to do it right. Our customers switched to Zoho and never looked back. I mean, this trading CRM system is the bomb. It's got swathes of tricks up its sleeve, a slick interface, and awesome add-ons. Plus, it won't break the bank. No hassle moving over either - we got that covered. No need for IT folk, our super rad support team's got your back.

With a custom migration, you may have a CRM implementation partner who has integrated this into their overall onboarding strategy with you. This option, in our opinion, is the most valuable because attempting to adopt Zoho on your own and not optimizing all of its features can slow down the investment you are making. Time to value with your Zoho investment is critical if your true business ambition is growth.

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If you got a project manager or CSM to show you the ropes for migrating from Copper to Zoho, you'd have more time to think about stuff like tidying up fields/properties, combining pipes or methods, automating things, and so on. 



Knowledge Base

What is a Sample Migration?

Sample Migration is a process where we transfer a small part of your records (approximately 10% of all data) to the target CRM platform and estimate the price of a Full Data Migration. You can test our service using the Free Sample Import.

You can change options and rerun the sample migration as many times as you need.

How does Free Sample work?

During the Sample Migration, we take a part of your records and migrate them to your target CRM platform, along with relations between those records. The entire process may take up to 15 minutes; it depends on the specification of your CRMs.

What happens after the Sample Migration is complete?

Once complete, you can review the transferred records in the target platform. Evaluate the results to make sure they work for you.

What is a Guided Migration?

A guided migration provides you with a Trujay dedicated CSM that will complete all the mappings for you. 

This is an excellent option for people that need an extra layer of support with their migration.


  • Everything in Wizard
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Mapping Verification
  • Quality Assurance
  • 1 - 2 Week Delivery

What is a Record?

A Record is the data item that exists in the CRM's system

  • 1 record = 1 Account/Task/Opportunity/Attachment/Note/Email, etc.
  • 1 record = one entity of CRM data (no matter what type is it).

For example:

Your current CRM possesses:

  • 1 account
  • 2 tasks
  • 3 emails
  • 2 notes.

In summary you have 1 account + 2 tasks + 3 emails + 2 notes = 8 records.

What is a Delta Migration?

A delta migration is the final migration performed during your custom migration process.

It ensures that all the data you have requested to be migrated is transferred and your target CRM is up to date right before the launch. 

What are my options?

Data cleansing


You can clean up the data yourself in the Copper portal. This will require some effort and time on your side, however it will have no additional cost.


You can ask the data migration partner to filter the data on the way over. If you have identified bad data and can give the partner bullet points on what data you don’t want to migrate to Zoho, they can write custom scripts to only migrate what you specify.


You can clean the data post-migration and should be relatively easy with Zoho’s segmenting tools. Create the filters or custom views and then delete!

What are my options?

Copper to Zoho: Objects

Copper Objects   Zoho Objects
Companies Accounts
Files Attachments
Activities (Phone Calls)  Calls
People Contacts
Leads  Leads 
Notes Notes
Opportunities  Deals
Tags  Tags
Tasks, Activities (To Dos etc)  Tasks
Users  Users 

Additional objects will need to be investigated for a Custom Migration

Onboarding Icon-1


There are several de-duplication tools on the market to consider and all of them are low costs. Most likely the data migration partner has relationships installed and can get the prices at a discount for you, make sure to ask.

Onboarding Icon-1

Bad or Outdated Contacts

Using a tool like Neverbounce is great to identify which emails are invalid, unverified, or a catch-all email ( or From there you can mark and remove those and these costs are pretty minimal as well.

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You have options

To wrap up

So, your choice depends only on you.

This piece was about what you should keep in mind when changing your CRM, because every bisness is different. You may or may not have the strength to handle it all. Perhaps you have a trusted person to take on the important task of handling all of your data, and perhaps not. Hopefully, we've given you enough options so that you can develop a solid plan before you choose your CRM migration path.

If you ever would like to discuss your conversion between Copper to Zoho, please feel free to contact us here for a quick call.

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