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The Untold Secret Why Data Is Everything (In Less Than Ten Minutes)

Data. That sounds like a no-big-deal term in the general sense.

We use data to analyze our customer behavior. We use it to store our client information. We use it to segment and target an audience that works for us. Business as usual, right? 

Well, yes. But what people often forget is that data is so much more than that. 

Data is everything. 

Data in Ancient Science: The Atom

Did you know that our entire world is constructed by energy, light, theories (that all ring true), all of which cannot be created nor destroyed? 

Data is energy. Data is as fast as light. And all theories surrounding data ring as loud as a bell inside of Saint Montreal. 

We all remember junior high when our science teacher taught us that everything comes from atoms. Atoms are minuscule units of matter, formed by three chemical elements or subatomic particles with numeric and scientific concepts. 

Think of data this way:

Protons, neutrons, electrons. Protons and neutrons merge to create a nucleus. Electrons orbit the nucleus, charging the atom, and cannot be destroyed. 

Quantities, characters, symbols. These objects merge and create data. Data transmits in the form of electrical signals, and technically, cannot be destroyed. 

Put in more mainstream terms, data can be tangible, experimental, and socioeconomic evidence, meant to be gathered to prove or disprove a point. It also is the driving force (or your electron) of your company.  

Data in Modern Science: The Flower 

Albert Einstein: great guy. Crazy. Brilliant. And the only one (during a time of tunneled-visioned yet bright-eyed students) who could explain that numerical data construct everything in our world. Even a flower. 

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein.

Tony Knight took a deep dive into this quote and stated: “This revelation is huge if we apply it consciously to our life…it means the invisible field of energy that is within us and all around us is what creates and sustains matter.” 

We can learn to tap into the field and understand data and how it shapes our businesses, career choices, and internal processes. 

Like a flower, data is beautiful. But it needs to be watered; it needs sunlight. Light moves fast, and if a flower is left uncared for, nature will do its thing unless we intervene. 

The flower is your business. Your business needs functionality. It needs testing, focus groups, market research, trial and error to prove that it will thrive in its market industry. 

Remember when we talked about proving (or disproving) a point? What does all the above need to confirm your company is credible, functional, and has potential for continuous growth? (It starts with a ‘D.’)

Data and Quantum Mechanics 

Companies in all industries must incorporate an understanding of ‘energetics,’ as they profoundly influence matter. Your computers, hardware, software, and middleware are all part of quantum mechanics, and even though you cannot see the mechanical workings, you perceive it on the material plane as (you guessed) data. 

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” 

In another prolific quote, Einstein says that the invisible forces (the field) are responsible for shaping the material world (the particle).

Data is everything to our modern, corporate world

We are all generating data in abundance. Companies often face the challenge of curation to monetize data and become a lead competitor in their market. Data, my dear reader, is the responsible mechanic for survival and for bringing innovation and profit to your products and services.

Companies should work on data literacy and modernization strategies regularly. It will catalyze business performance, empower users, and foster autonomy as a result of this. While working with data, companies should not practice “data jay-walking” by shortcutting processes. Data is evolutionary, and energy isn’t going anywhere. Keeping your eye on the bottom-line while maintaining your long-term vision is critical. 

As a company that functions on the movement, management, deduplication, and cleansing of data, we’ve found symbolism in the technological ordinary. What we do is a necessary SaaS service that companies of all sizes need. Whether your company is growing and your CRM is too small, or you’re using a CRM with too many features you don’t need, we’ll take care of your data. The information you just read is a reflection of that. 

Conclusion: Data is everything and powers everything we do

Nature has its dataset: earth, air, water, fire, and space. We consider data to be the sixth element. Our world is made up of numbers. Ideology as big as the Big Bang is just as connected to the newly planted seed of a business idea. 

Connect with your data. Care for it, and use it because, like Trujay, it has your back

Jay Hendricks

Jay Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Jay can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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