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The Most Effective CRM Tricks for Running a Successful Business

CRM software is vital for all marketing, sales, and customer service. It helps you gather client data and maintain a record of their company interactions. 

If you’re new to the CRM system, here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of it.

CRM tips and tricks

An effective CRM trick: Have a CRM strategy

CRM projects started without a plan are always painful. Don’t think of CRM as a separate initiative from the overall business strategy. CRM works when there is a clear picture of why the company is doing this and how it can boost quality and satisfaction, cut costs, or raise sales.

An effective CRM trick: Always update customer information

A CRM program only works when the data that it provides is valid. If the customer’s address, company name, or preferred contact method has changed, the staff will record it quickly so that the same information gets to the sales and marketing teams.

An effective CRM trick: CRM can’t fix everything

It’s always exciting to buy new tools. However, the original purchase might shed light on the fact that it won’t fix the problems you may have in your selling process. 

Leads falling across cracks is a real issue. Making sure that folks remain diligent and inspired overtime to start and close deals is an even more significant challenge. With the former, a swanky new CRM will help but often not the latter. Focus on managing the most critical human problems, and then the tool will be able to do what it does best.

An effective CRM trick: Automate processes

Benefit from the features of workflow automation in CRM applications to reduce time-consuming and repetitive tasks. For example, when adding a new lead to your CRM, you can customize the CRM to send follow-up emails, give promotions, and other interactions to keep your business at the forefront of their attention.

An effective CRM trick: Learn from analytics

CRM also enables customer trends and behavior to be analyzed. If you’ve noticed a spike in sales over the holidays for certain products and services, be more aggressive to push them out next year. If some email campaigns were more successful than others, the next time you send a newsletter, consider what factors were responsible for that success and seek to reproduce them.

Also, use customer data to shape sales and marketing tactics. A salesperson who already knows the name, locations, and preferences of the client can provide more personal sales pitches and has a better chance of concluding a deal. The point is: If you don’t learn from your results, your growth in business will be limited.

An effective CRM trick: Don’t try and design the perfect CRM system

There is simply no perfect CRM software that fulfills the wish list of every person. Don’t expect the latest CRM system to replicate existing business processes simply. Instead, recognize that not everybody can have what they think they want and use the new technologies to develop and apply innovative methods that enhance customer satisfaction, minimize costs, and provide better customer service.

An effective CRM trick: Go mobile

You may want to consider using a cloud-based CRM that fits well for mobile devices as well. It will allow you to access data from any device, whatever the time and place. Suppose your sales reps are particularly creative and spend most of their working hours outside of the office. In that case, this will work very well, because it will increase their productivity and allow them to access customer information on the go. 

An effective CRM trick: Focus more on business processes than technology

CRM is about making more “customer-centric” internal and external business processes in an enterprise. Represent the “customer flow.”  The structures are just the enablers and not an end in themselves.

An effective CRM trick: Integrate CRM with other business software

Tying CRM software to other applications makes it more useful than ever. They combine customer and financial data with accounting software, eliminate redundant manual data entry, and deliver more insightful reports. The workers can receive specific customer details as they are about to make a call from several databases shown on one computer.

An effective CRM trick: Get expert-level support

User acceptance is the single most crucial success factor for a CRM system, so invest in training. Training is essential for ensuring user acceptance – and a successful CRM implementation.

The Final Word

CRM software has become so effective that it can do just about anything that you ask. The only real issue is to learn all of its specific skills, and then find out how to make them work for your company. 

We hope these tips and tricks will help you improve your CRM approach, and make the most of your option CRM platform. 

Ivan Karp

Ivan Karp

Managing Director at Trujay, Europe

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