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CRM Trends 2018 - Find the Secret Sauce for Business Success

Discover the top CRM trends to watch in 2018 and find the secret sauce for business success. From automation to AI chatbots, stay ahead of the game with these industry insights. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates.

Life is full of changes, and especially it is noticeable on the New Year corner. Therefore, it is a definite time for the business owners, because of requiring to plan the way for the company increase. In case, your goal is to find out the new solutions and tendencies for the business fast and efficiently achievement? Thus you can pay attention to the CRM trends to watch in 2018 and choose the best platform for your organization.

Therefore, to determine the CRM industry expectations, it is worth to take a look at the past year. That's how to consider the ways of the implementation of the solutions, outline the best and most productive ideas, the main points, and forecast the CRM trends to watch in 2018.

Because of this, should we expect significant changes and shocks? We can not predict this by 100%.

However, it is possible to suppose the following adjust:

  • customers will continue to set requirements for improving the quality of service, so that will enhance the work of companies to improve the clients' interaction;
  • CRM platforms usage will become one of the main sources to promote the customers cooperation;
  • the business managers mobility don’t will be just a desirable feature, yet a necessary one. Therefore, the active mobile gadgets use to provide CRM will increase, and the platform that can meet this demand in the best way will be successful;
  • data cloud storages will become more popular. Moreover, the information from local servers will be moved there;
  • to achieve the business tasks efficiency, it will be demanded the use of innovative technologies;
  • the customer's confidence in storing data in the cloud by enhancing the data security and its encryption through the API will be improved.

As you can see, there are many requests. Therefore, the solutions will be actively refined, used and improved by new technologies to meet the users requests and the CRM trends 2018.

CRM Trends 2018 to watch

For the more detailed information on the CRM trends 2018, let's pay attention to experts and our forecasts for the further CRM industry enhancement:

1. CRM will get more automatization

Nowadays, truth that the computers and robots play an increasingly important role in the modern world. For example, it's hard to imagine a person who does not use gadgets, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, work robot-assistant, and many other innovations. Thus, this fact should be taken into account by the CRM systems developers. By the way, it is more convenient for the current customers to make purchases and perform other operations on the company's website than to communicate with a sales agent. Therefore, one of the keys to getting the business success is to provide customers with the possibility of self-service. However, customers also want to avoid communication only with the machine.

Another point is the fact that many companies use different CRM systems for each department. Because of this, it is essential that these platforms can easily connect and work together.

2. Rising of the CRM adaptation to improve customer engagement

Many systems require the prior employees training to start work on a chosen CRM platform, and it embarrasses the solution successful adapting. Therefore, the CRM trends 2018 is the search for the technologies to make the system as simple as possible for the user. Since the knowledge of the customer needs and capabilities will be a priority goal for the business success, the solution of this task will be a priority to get a CRM leadership.

As well, to achieve the company productivity, it is recommended to let the employees share the experiences and decisions among themselves. Mainly, it is relevant when tasks have to be performed out of the office. Thus, the priority will be to provide users with the ability of the quick exchange information within and outside the company.

3. Speeding up the daily goals through the active use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI chatbots

One of the essential CRM trends 2018 is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI chatbots, because of the technology use can help the user to perform the daily tasks more efficient. For example, due to the ability to automatically adjust the workflow, download data and populate the fields can save your time.

In turn, the Chatbots will be able to recognize your voice commands and speed up the necessary information search or to connect the CRM and social networks. At the same time, users can deal with broader issues. As for social bots, they will be able to search for the statistics on the behavior and mood of clients in social networks.

4. Continuation of the SILOS department fall

The primary goals of any CRM are determined by user requirements: increased marketing, service and sales improvement. To the same modern clients want to interact with the company independently, and thus to avoid possible difficulties. Therefore, the CRM trends 2018 is to overcome the barriers of copper by the client, marketing, and service.

However, the destruction of these borders creates confusion among professionals, when they have to go beyond their functions and perform the new tasks. Therefore, it is notable that the CRM trends 2018 is the further development and integration of adjacent systems to enable the performers to work with the necessary information without interruptions.

5. Incoming of the more affordable cloud-based CRMs

Using the cloud-based CRM is a good solution for the start-ups. So, most small businesses are using one or more of such solutions, by the way, it is expected its increase. Therefore why are cloud services so popular? Assume that the reason is that it can help the organizations to update projects remotely without the need for physical storage, get the ability to share files with the clients or partners at the invitation with no email using, manage pipelines, track goals and visual sales, make forecasts, and individual reports.

Therefore, cloud-based CRM-solutions gained the popularity at the average level of the corporate sector, so its enhancement will be the CRM trends 2018.

Noah Jay Hendricks

Noah Jay Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Jay can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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